‘The Secrets of Andalusia’
Lux Musicae & Julian Harris (Oud)

Lux Musicae London is joined by Julian Harris & Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde with special guest Victoria Couper Victoria Couper – Soprano Daniel Thomson – Tenor Sophie Creaner – Recorders Mirjam-Luise Muenzel – Recorders Harry Buckoke – Viola da Gamba Aileen Henry – Harp Toby Carr – Lute Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde – Flamenco Guitar Julian Harris – Oud

About the programme: The origins of flamenco are in shadow. We know its musical influences date back to Islamic Iberia or al-Andalus era Spain between the 8th and the 15th centuries. Yet the first mention of flamenco by name is not until 1774. What happened in these intervening centuries? Lux Musicae London Collaborate with Flamenco virtuoso Ignacio Lusardi and Oud Maestro Ahmed Mukhtar to discover the music from which flamenco burst forth. Featuring Flamenco, Sephardic and Arabic music alongside Spanish composers of the late 16th to 18th centuries, the programme tells a story of the Iberian peninsula and its music, the programme weaves flamenco itself with music in which we can hear the echoes of its beginnings. The Music: -featuring Flamenco, Sephardic and Arabic music -dialogues between baroque and flamenco guitars, as well as Oud - Improvisations over ground basses (the common ground) in multiple musical languages - music from the early Spanish dramas (Hidalgo, Pujol, Guerau) -arrangement of Soler’s fandango to unlock its Arabic and Iberian influences.


We are a festival celebrating the finest aspects of cultures from all over the world through the art of music. Our focus is intimate concerts on stringed instruments in beautiful venues. All our artists are renowned musicians and performers across the globe.


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